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About us

Marketing & Distribution:

KeyDent is engaged in direct selling through its own sales forces. Sales person are chosen with a strong dental background or in combination of business and science, a minimum of a bachelor of science is required however, we invest and emphasize our continuous training programs Pricing is determined in agreement with suppliers and market requirement. Keydent follow a penetration pricing strategy with strong and aggressive promotional programs. We should like to be reputed, however with a high quality product line, superior level of service and a good price. KeyDent has a unique delivery system which assures client of prompt deliveries as any point of its territories.


Sales & Promotion:

KeyDent has developed its own sales model that followed systematically by all sales personnel and which highlights the company's promotional programs This strategy continues to ensure faster market penetration and leading market position in a three to four product cycle. Undertaking a new product is affected greatly by this sales model. Up to this stage, KeyDent doesn’t utilize mass media to reach its client base nor to promote a new brand. We participate in all local and regional meetings , exhibitions and seminars.


Company's Mission:

KeyDent is a sales oriented company with focus on service and scientific arguments. The company will continue to bring innovative products to its market at affordable prices it will invest on training articles and researches and automation. The company will act fast and strategically to ensure strong market presence for its suppliers. KeyDent will make its decision with regards to sales policies pricing and the chose of suppliers based on positive, strong long-term return to its shareholders. KeyDent puts emphasize on the selections of young and dynamic suppliers with innovative product at their early life cycle. The company will act on exclusive distribution bases thus establishing credibility and ensuring positive return on investment the company will work in close partnership with its suppliers. The company will work in supporting its local community and will help in keeping and green and clean environment.